Leading the transformation of the mining industry with AI.

Founded at Y Combinator Startup School by a visionary leader, Mike Benavides, Mineprism Inc. emerged with a mission to revolutionize the mining industry through advanced AI technology.

The company's dedication to innovation is evidenced by its state-of-the-art factory in Shanghai, which plays a crucial role in manufacturing sophisticated AI-driven machinery. In addition, the software engineering team in London focuses on developing bespoke AI solutions, strategically positioned near the headquarters of leading mining companies to better align with customer needs and industry trends.

Under the leadership of its San Francisco headquarters, Mineprism has established itself as a key innovator in the field of AI for mining. This has garnered attention and collaboration from major global mining companies.

The company's diverse team, comprising experts in AI, robotics, and mining engineering, is relentlessly working towards automating and optimizing mining processes, thereby redefining industry standards. Mineprism's pioneering approach is not only making mining operations more efficient and sustainable but also setting the blueprint for the future of the mining industry driven by AI technology.