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Introducing ai to mining

Mining keeps the world going.
Our mission is to accelerate the transformation of Mining from a basic resource-extraction industry into an advanced technology sector.

AI Rock Fragmentation Analysis System

Introducing next generation AI technology designed for Mining Operations
Control of P80  to optimize the metallurgy recovery
AI- driven blast design with Rocky AI to obtain the P80 that maximize the metallurgy recovery
Smartphone Simplicity: Enjoy the convenience of using your phone to take photos. It's quick, easy, and always at your fingertips.
Advanced Hardware Device with Real-Time AI Analysis: For more sophisticated needs, our dedicated hardware device offers real-time AI analysis for precise and in-depth data insights.
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AI Rock Fragmentation Analysis

The ultimate solution for precise and efficient rock analysis. Unleash the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize your blasting experience and mining operations.
Segment rock formations, providing you with invaluable insights into their volumes and characteristics
No manual labour required & get calculated p80 volume straight away
It works without reference object!

The highest accuracy in the industry.

We're are the best. More than 95% of accuracy.
Decrease your carbon footprint

Save resources thanks to sophisticated volume analysis

Powerful, self-serve artificial intelligence will help you to obtain highly accurate data for blasting. Tested and proofed with open pit & underground mines.

Take a photo

Whether you have a professional  camera or a smartphone, just simply take a photo.

Deliver instant answers

Upload the photo into our app. Wait a couple of seconds for the processing.

Manage your results

Measure what matters with RockyAI easy-to-use reports. You can filter, export, and drilldown on the data in a couple clicks.

Validate the learnings

Solve a problem or ask for confirmation real-time with chat. We want to ensure the success of your operations.

“By 2032, the mining industry will be able to carry out its operations without the people, and these operations will be managed by Artificial Intelligence, thus achieving a significant increase in productivity, cost reduction and the elimination of fatal accidents.”

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CEO Michael  Benavides Sanchez
Mineprism Inc.

Better Environmental Impact

Embrace eco-friendly mining with RockyAI. Our AI tech reduces diesel use, lowers emissions, and minimizes pollution for a net-zero impact.
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Cut Diesel Use: Streamline operations, lessen diesel dependence.
Lower Emissions: Enhance efficiency, reduce carbon footprint.
Net-Zero Impact: Employ AI, reach sustainability goals.
Our Success Story

Mineprism Ranks Among Top 3 in the Sandvik Startup Challenge, Standing Out from 135 Startups Across 28 Countries!

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