Mineprism Inc. Leads the Way in Advanced AI Rock Segmentation Analysis for Mining

January 30, 2024
5 min read

San Francisco's own Mineprism Inc. is redefining the mining industry with its innovative AI Rock Segmentation Analysis system. This leading-edge technology is a game-changer in the automated rock fragmentation size measurement and analysis field, installed in numerous mine operations globally.

Unparalleled Real-Time Particle Size Analysis with AI-Driven Accuracy

Our AI Rock Segmentation Analysis system excels in delivering real-time particle size distribution (PSD) information with unmatched precision. Designed to function flawlessly in even the most challenging lighting conditions, it optimizes the entire mining process, from blasting to milling.

Key Features of Mineprism Inc.’s Technology

  • Efficient Rock Segmentation: Automated analysis for detailed rock size and characteristic data.
  • Instant p80 Volume Calculation: Streamlines operational processes with immediate volume assessments.
  • Advanced Object Detection: Identifies unique rock types and potential equipment issues, enhancing safety and operational efficiency.

Revolutionizing the Comminution Process in Mining

Our technology significantly improves the efficiency of the comminution process, ensuring enhanced operation efficiency and increased product recovery. Mineprism Inc.'s solutions are designed to enhance productivity and reduce operational costs in mining.

Trusted Expertise in Mining Technology Integration

Rely on Mineprism Inc. for seamless integration of advanced mining technology. Our system is compatible with existing operational setups and can be integrated through various methods, including APIs and network gateways.

Customizable and Flexible Installation Options

Mineprism Inc. provides a range of installation choices to fit every mining operation’s needs:

  • SaaS Platform: Easy access and flexibility for direct data analysis.
  • Dedicated Hardware Solutions: Custom devices for different mining equipment, including excavators, trucks, and conveyor belt systems.

Empowering Mining Operations with Real-Time Insights

Choose Mineprism Inc. for cutting-edge, accurate, and efficient mining solutions. Our AI Rock Segmentation Analysis system represents the pinnacle of innovation in mining technology, offering real-time insights that drive productivity and safety.