Mineprism Inc.: Setting New Standards in Automated Rock Fragmentation Size Measurement

January 30, 2024
5 min read

Transforming the Mining Industry with Advanced AI Technology

Mineprism Inc., a trailblazer in mining technology, is revolutionizing the industry with its state-of-the-art AI Rock Segmentation Analysis system. Immediately after its official release, Mineprism established itself as the new benchmark in automated coarse rock fragmentation size measurement systems, surpassing all legacy software in the market. Our system delivers precise online measurement of particle size distribution (PSD) from post-blast muckpiles to the primary crusher feed and through to mill recycle. By enhancing fragmentation during blasting and optimizing the crushing and grinding circuits, Mineprism guarantees significant improvements in performance and notable cost reductions.

Introducing Mineprism RockyAI: The Future of AI in Mining

Mineprism RockyAI is equipped with a cutting-edge Dashboard, showcasing particle size results directly in your web browser for immediate access, quality control, and live image monitoring. Our advanced AI eliminates the need for manual adjustments in Color or Brightness, offering effortless readability and new opportunities in ore and rock type identification. The system automatically adjusts for ambient light and requires no manual calibration for different ore and rock types, streamlining the process.

Redefining the Mining Comminution Process

At Mineprism Inc., we're dedicated to optimizing the mining comminution process, which is crucial for efficient particle size reduction. Our AI Rock Segmentation Analysis system is expertly designed to maximize the efficiency of your crushing and conveying processes by providing precise fragmentation quantification. This innovation leads to enhanced operation efficiency and a surge in product recovery, thereby redefining industry standards.

Expert System Integration from Mineprism Inc.

Mineprism Inc. is not just a provider but a partner in mining technology. We bring a depth of focus and a wealth of expertise to the table. Not only do we design our systems, but we also take charge of installation and support. Our AI algorithms represent the pinnacle of cutting-edge AI technology in the mining sector, solidifying our reputation as a trusted leader in the industry.